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Reiki Attunement 1

Develop your healing and spiritual journey

Discover effective ways on how to maintain alignment with yourself and how to maintain your personal energy field; explore and practice the ways of self-healing.
1 Day £130

Reiki Attunement 2

Healing to others

You will learn about the ancient Reiki symbols and their many uses; with this upgrade and new understanding you will be able to apply Reiki to enhance and uplift the world around you and bring healing to others.
2 Days £240

Reiki Attunement 3

The Journey of Self Mastery and Teaching Reiki

You will have grown from Reiki levels 1 and 2. You are now ready to move into the level of self-mastery and are wanting to take on a greater responsibility so that you can effectively pass this knowledge onto others.

3 Days £550

Padmas Therapy Room

Visit Padmas Therapy Room in Arborfield, for Reiki Healing, Ayurvedic Massage, Hypnotherapy & One to One Yoga