The Padma Therapy Room

Welcome to Padma Therapy Room at my home in Arborfield, this room is used for the soul purpose of healing, spiritual or personal growth. I live on a farm with beautiful views all around, people find it a comfort just to be in the area.

To schedule your appointment drop me a text or email and I will come back to you to arrange your booking.

Hallerbos Wald


Specialising in releasing anxiety & depression and finding new ways to work intelligently with your emotions.

I like to think of hypnotherapy as conscious gardening, uprooting the unwanted belief systems and thoughts to create a new and positive feeling and outlook, where by you can make deliberate changes, once we get the ball rolling with a new direction you can build momentum to make the relevant steps, to create a life that is more in tune with what you want and a reflection of who you really are.

On booking, I will send to you a detailed form to fill in, this will give me a holistic view or you and how your world appear to you and how you would like it to appear; we will explore what you really want to achieve and then create a step by step plan to assist you in freeing yourself form your obstacles and finding new and effective ways for you to go forward.

Treatment plans are recommended for up to 8 weeks.

Normal price is £60- per session - A course of 5 Treatments £240
Special offer ends January 30th 2020 Four 1-hour session £100

Reiki Healing

Hands on healing, receiving the 'life force energy' is very relaxing and will bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance. When this occurs, healing takes place.

Spiritual Couching

Ideal for people who have had psychic experiences or spiritual awakenings and in need of support or guidance. Spiritual couching can also benefit healers, empaths, mediums and psychics, to improve the management of their energy field and environment.

50 mins £45 - Course of 5 Treatments £175


Book a Reiki Workshop at your convenience

You can arrange your Reiki Workshop at a time that suites you and it can be arranged for 1 person or more

2 persons booking together 10% off

3 persons or more 20% off

Contact me to arrange your workshop


Reiki Attunement 1

Develop your healing and spiritual journey

Discover effective ways on how to maintain alignment with yourself and how to maintain your personal energy field; explore and practice the ways of self-healing.
1 Day £130

Reiki Attunement 2

Healing to others

You will learn about the ancient Reiki symbols and their many uses; with this upgrade and new understanding you will be able to apply Reiki to enhance and uplift the world around you and bring healing to others.
2 Days £240

Reiki Attunement 3

The Journey of Self Mastery and Teaching Reiki

You will have grown from Reiki levels 1 and 2. You are now ready to move into the level of self-mastery and are wanting to take on a greater responsibility so that you can effectively pass this knowledge onto others.

3 Days £550

Ayurveda Massage

Ayuvedic massage comes through the Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine. Essential oils are chosen to suit your dosha. The massage is working via the meridian lines and the techniques used include tapping, kneading and squeezing as well as the more traditional massage strokes you would expect. The style and flow of the massage is determined by who you are and what your body needs for balance and well-being at the time.

Full body and head
60 mins - £55
80mins - £70

Indian head Massage
30 mins - £30

Back massage

Foot massage

Back Massage including Indian head
45 mins - £45


Special offer book a course of three 1-hour Ayurvedic massages £120- Offer ends January 31st 2020


One to One Yoga or Meditation

Creating classes to fit your needs

60 mins - £50 | Book a course of 5 - £200

75 mins - £60 | x 5 £240

90 min - £70 | 5 £300